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Down to Earth

Location: 240-242 Kensington High street. (nearest station High Street Kensington)
Price*: £25-£35
(*based on two course meal for two with drinks)
Summary: Vegan, Vegetarian cafe and restaurant serving 100% organic dishes and raw vegan options.
Service: Table service. Take-away.
Dietary Options: Vegetarian, Vegan. Raw Options.
Favorite Dish: Beet Burger


Cafe/Restaurant located on the ever popular High Street Kensington, Down to Earth crosses the cafe/restaurant line effortlessly and the decor works perfectly for both occasions.  A visually enticing space, the front of the eatery  has a beautiful display of different foods, drinks and products you can purchase as well as a  cabinet displaying the dish of the day and the beautiful range of desserts on offer.  The art work in Down to Earth is incredible, we were mesmerized by the beautiful images, each created using code from the golden ratio and inspired by different natural materials. Upon arrival there was an event happening which was a little confusing and disruptive, however we were later informed that every second Thursday there is a meeting which requires the music to be turned off and people speaking through a microphone. It would be best to call ahead if you are hoping to dine on a Thursday night and would like to enjoy a more peaceful, relaxing meal.

Customer Service:

Service was very slow to start and we were informed they were  understaffed that night. Despite this, everyone working was very kind and welcoming. We had to wait a while for our drinks to be ordered however food was brought out in reasonable time. We had the chance to converse with the owner whom had worked in the food industry for some time and clearly had a multitude of ideas and aspirations for Down To Earth. His idea's, concept and passion for creating delicious, healthy, original food that is carefully sourced and makes eating a vegetarian and vegan diet more accessible was great to see.

Food and Drink:

The menu covers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, however from Monday to Thursday only a 1/2 menu is available which limits the options. A good range of vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes were available so it covers a great range of dietary preferences with  more main stream dishes as well as more unusual raw food options.  
We started our meal with a juice, one Wonder Juice (apple, orange, carrot and lemon) and a Green Fanatic (kale, cucumber, celery, fennel and lime). Both were fresh and vibrant, it was particularly nice to see a 100% green juice on the menu and it was very light and crisp.
For our main courses we opted for the beet burger and raw vegan kebabs. The beet burger truly stole the show! The presentation was beautiful, moreover the gluten free bun was the best we have ever tasted and the texture of the beet patty was incredible. It comes with roasted root veggies and greens and is truly an incredible dish- one of the best vegan burgers we have eaten to date! The raw vegan kebabs had a great flavor and we loved the concept of the dish however the presentation and finish left a little to be improved. Never the less it was a very enjoyable main course. 
To finish our meal we had to try some of the raw cakes on offer. We enjoyed a chocolate and cappuccino cake as well a the lemon tart which was quite rightly described by the owner as "like eating sunshine". The cappuccino cake was tasty but the lemon cake was superb-light, smooth, sharp and sweet with a crunchy delicious base. To round off our meal we had a filter coffee which came with a range of milks to choose from ranging from dairy, almond, soy, hazelnut, oat, rice and more. There was also a jar of coconut sugar on the table to sweeten with, a lovely touch to round off a great meal.

A beautiful establishment that had a great vibe, good people and delightful food that catered for a range of dietary preferences. This has the potential with time to be one of Londons best veggie eateries and we can't wait to see how Down to Earth grows and develops with time!

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