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100 Hoxton

Location: 100-102 Hoxton St, N1 6SG
(nearest Station Hoxton Over ground)
Price*:  £30-45
(*based on enough sharing plates to generously feed two plus a cocktail)
SummaryTrendy, modern restaurant situated in Hoxton with an Asian fusion menu offering a range of sharing plates and innovative dishes with options for all dietary requirements.
Service: Table service. Take-away lunch menu.
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Dairy free.
Favourite Dish: Burnt Eggplant Salad & Espresso Martini

Five minutes from Hoxton Over ground Station this young and trendy eatery keeps up with the cool vibes of  Hackney and creates a lively yet relaxed atmosphere. The décor is plain and simple striking the perfect balance between sophistication, casual and cool. The spacious restaurant quickly filled up throughout the evening with people enjoying great conversation fuelled by good food and drink.

Customer Service

Every member of staff we encountered was friendly, up-beat and attentive. They were more than accommodating to any dietary preferences and able to adapt and alter dishes to suit our needs. All staff were very knowledgeable about the menu and spoke with enthusiasm about the selection of food and drinks available.

Food & Drink

Hoxton 100 offers a range of sharing plates, sides, mains and cocktails to pick and choose from. All dishes have an Asian style twist incorporating lots of sweet and savoury combinations. Each table has complimentary water delicately flavoured with cucumber and lemon which is a delicious touch.

We each ordered a cocktail to start our meal, the aptly named Hoxton 100 made with a mixture of prosecco and lychee syrup was a  sweet fruity and light delight. The copa agave was strong but flavourful and extremely fresh.

We had the pleasure of trying a huge range of dishes at Hoxton 100 and there is not a single one that we didn't enjoy! The salads are, without a doubt, the best and most beautifully combined, textured and flavoured I have ever come across. The roasted aubergine just topped the list, with an incredible melange of smoky fresh, creamy, crunchy and crisp elements making for a stunning dish. Another salad stand out was the roasted sweet potato option which was adapted to su vegans by using a Dijon dressing. This came with perfectly cooked sweet potato fries a tangy date chutney  and crunchy walnuts resulting in a sour, sticky yet smoky and earthy combination of flavours.

We got the opportunity to sample a new dish which is soon to be the staple vegan main option on the menu. This was a sumptuous black bean tofu dish that was full of flavour and had an incredible variety of textures created by the soft tofu, sticky sauce and fresh veggies.

All the sides we tried were simple yet delicious, particularly the hearty potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, the warm and familiar tasting rice dish and the simple yet satisfying cheesy potato croquets.

To round off our feast we ordered an espresso martini which was the best in London we have ever tried! Smooth rich and sweet this is a real must try for martini fans.

Hoxton 100 is a diamond set in East London, it caters for every dietary preference within a cool, young and relaxed environment which is a pleasure to spend an evening in. Great customer service, incredible flavours and original cocktails; a really unique and exemplary establishment at an affordable, reasonable price.

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