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Amico Bio

Location: 44 Cloth Fair London, EC1A 7JQ
(nearest station Farringdon)
Price*:  £25- £35
(*based on two course meal for two with soft drinks)
SummaryVegetarian an vegan Italian restaurant with gluten free options.
Service: Table service
Dietary Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, gluten free.
Favourite Dish: Homemade ice-cream

Ambiance/ Atmosphere

A quiet candle-lit restaurant located down a side street with views onto the opposite church yard. A rustic and relaxed atmosphere with music playing gently and interesting paintings and ornaments.

Customer Service

Our waitress for the evening was very attentive and accommodating making sure our glasses were full and we were enjoying our meals. 

Food & Drink

We were hoping for some great Italian dishes with the promising atmosphere, menu and service; sadly we were left underwhelmed. For our starter we ordered Focaccia with bread sticks and bean paste, the bread was cold and definitely not fresh, the bean paste lacked any flavour whatsoever. A little seasoning could have lifted the dish but there was a lack of herbs or garlic; a large glug of olive oil on top was the only ingredient able to provide any taste. The arancini balls offered a little more hope, but again they proved a little bland and were accompanied by an overly sweet tomato sauce reminiscent of  the flavours often found in a jar. 
We were hopeful our second courses would impress more and there were some tasty sounding options to choose from. I ordered the 'Parmigiana di biete e zucchini con versa brasata', which resembled, in taste and texture, a bland slop. The only flavour in the dish came from the funky tasting spinach (not in a good way) and the vegan cheese topping which was courtesy of Vegusto. The dish came with a side of braised cabbage which although seemed a strange combination it was actually the most enjoyable part of the dish. Josh ordered the ravioli which unfortunately could have been mistaken for a pre-packaged ready meal such was the lack of freshness and flavour. 
We decided to opt for a simple dessert following our disappointing previous two courses; we chose a range of the ice-creams and sorbets. The sorbets were beautifully flavoured and refreshing and the vegan ice-cream was superb with an incredible creamy smooth texture and delicious punchy flavour.
To end our meal we ordered a coffee, which was pretty average. This came with a small home-made sweet; one was a pistachio and date ball which was sweet and simple, the other an apricot tart which was completely burnt and blackened at the base.

A really disappointing experience. Italian food is one of our favourites and the décor, menu and service looked so promising. The food, on this occasion, sadly did not meet our expectations, especially when considering the prices charged. Bland, plain and poorly created dishes.
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