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Handmade Burger Company

 Location: UK Chain Restaurant.

 Summary: Burger bar chain with American diner vibe.
Service: Counter order, table service.
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.
Favourite Dish: Strawberry Shake

This American style burger joint can be located all over the UK, but London is only hosting one of them, it can be found in Wembley , within the Wembley shopping complex next to the stadium, we had heard great things about these guys and that their vegan options where to die for, who doesn’t love a burger right?

Sat on the second floor of the complex the burger joint is spread of 2 floors, with plenty of tables, an American style diner feel but with an old rustic feel, wood tables, wall art and very large windows spanning the 2 floors, the tables laid out with condiments.

Food orders were taken at a counter at the back of the restaurants, like a fast food chain by a very rude lady, leaning on the wall, the food is brought over by a waitress thankfully, the menu caters for omni, veggies and vegans alike, we excited to try some of the food we kept hearing about, they have a large range for veggies and vegans, for the drinks there are a couple of milkshakes which are suitable for vegans as well as your standard, frizzy or soft drinks, for our mains we ordered the roasted veg burger and a sweet potato and bean burger, served with fries and chipotle mayo and some extras Gerkins on the side, the food was brought out fast by our waitRess, which then asked if we wanted additional condiments at a charge of 95p, we think not, tho they where needed after trying the food, the burgers where a great size, but served on a dry, cheap bun, the overall burger was lacking in flavour, texture and sauce, the roasted veg burger was a sloppy mess of soggy roasted veg which just fell apart in hand, the sides weren’t any better, the coleslaw order was a bland pile of grated veg with very little mayo at all, a very disappointment experience from such a well know restaurant

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