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Planet Organic

Location: London Chain Health Food Shop.
Summary: London health food shop with café/juice bar.
Service: Counter order.
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.

If you know health foods then you would of heard of Planet Organic , these popular health food shops and cafes can be spotted all over London, the main shop areas sell a variety of products including fresh vegetables, milks, proteins, breads and whole lot more, as well as this planet organic host their own café inside, it’s a select of pre made salads and hot foods in a buffet style, served in tubs, they also have freshly made juices available .

All of the food at the counter was vegetarian with most being vegan as well, the options are marked with symbols to make this easier,
We opted for a £10 meal deal of a medium salad box and a juice drink, we got a mixture of curry, quinoa, sweet potato, vegetable salad and some raw pad thai, it all looked flavourful and filling, but this changed very quickly, we took a seat upstairs and began our meal of disappointment, the food was very hit and miss, a lack of freshness and flavour to most of the raw foods and the same with the hot food, we found lumps of rock hard what we can only assume was onion in the dish, that made it a lot worst, the juice on the other hand was fresh, which was to be expected as it gets made in front of you,

Overall it is a convenient  place to grab a lunch, but at £10 there are a lot better options in around London for food and quality

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