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Location: UK Chain Restaurant.
Summary: Mexican eating market and tequila bar.
Service: Table Service, Bar.
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.

Founded by master chef winner Thomas Meirs this trendy Mexican is serving up some great south American classic and tequila, we popped along to their Kentish town branch located next to the station, a restaurant which compliments this trendy and growing area of London, entering the build to pink neon light signs and dark wood stair well that opens to a bright and quirky restaurant full of colourful tables, an open kitchen and large bar, great for all the tequila drinking.

Greeted and taken to our table by the front of house staff, we were given a break-down of the menu and what was suitable for vegans and vegetarians, we found that there are a great selection available for vegetarians and those that can be changed easy for vegans easily, we ordered a large selection and most was recommended by our waiter, we got some classic tortillas and chips with guacamole and some juices to start and then moved on to Quesadillas, burritos , nachos and tostadas, all the food was full of great southern flavours, with just the right amount of heat, fresh and very filling, to finish off we tried some cocktails , which had to be mojito, but if your laying off the tequila base, they have a great selection of mocktails and juices available as well

We opted out of a dessert after filling our self with this Mexican feast, but they do have a selection of vegan sorbets and ice creams, if you have a sweet tooth

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