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Location: Chain Restaurant with branches across the UK.
Summary: Sushi and bento chain.
Service: Counter Service, Take away
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free.

This well-known Japanese fast food chain can be found all over the UK, a quick and simple stop off for any sushi lover,
The restaurants are clean, simple and modern, brightly lite with neon green highlight tables and displays, shelves full of sushi and Asian hot pots ready to be eaten within or taken away, the staff are knowledgeable enough to advise of allergies but also have an allergies list behind the till if you feel like checking anyway.


The food options can be slightly confusing if you haven’t visited a Wasabi restaurant before, there are several vegetarian options available, marked with a V symbol, but if you check the ingredients , they are actually vegan or ask to double check on the allergy list, we opted for a couple of different things, a sushi tray, sweet and sour tofu hot pot and the tofu curry, the Sushi is great in flavour and you get a nice variety in the sushi tray accompanied by soy, ginger and wasabi on the side if you like to dip, the hot pots stole the show , at first we couldn’t believe it was tofu, its deep fried, which gives it a tender texture when eating, but non the less was full of flavour, both pots come with rice , these are separated so you can mix at your own desecration, the sauces had a nice texture, not to sweet and just the right amount of spice to give you that warm after tone , over all a simple and yet very tasty takeaway with vegan options at a great price

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