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Vantra Vitao

Location: 25-27 Oxford Street, Central London. (Tottenham Court Road Station)
Summary: Exclusively Vegan. Buffet and A'la Cart options.
Service: Table Service. Pay at the counter. (cash only).
Dietary: Will customize any dish to suit your specific dietary requirements.

You may of heard of this place before, walked past it and not even noticed, Vantra is tucked up on one of the busiest streets in London, that being oxford street , the shopping capital of London and the popular night life area of Soho, Vantra is a small café style restaurant, with a walk in open front and dim tranquil lighting, , the interior is covered with natural woods and has a nice calm appearance but doesn’t give off the calm feel you would expect, given that the tables are very close together and that the staff had to keep moving people about just to fit more in, it is a very popular place but the movement of people around, draws your attention away from the main subject, that being the food, a down side to this place is they only accept cash payments as well, being as popular as it is and in the world of contactless payments, you would expect card payment to be available.

Vantra have a small bar style buffet to choose from at the main entrance which can be eaten at table or taken away , as well as A’la Cart options, The main part of the menu is drinks, which can be created, Vocktails, enegry juices and teas, pick and then add in the extras at an additional charge, we went for carrot & orange and Apple & oranges Juices, well mixed juice with a smooth texture and very fresh flavour, we opted for freshly made plate dishes off the menu, which has about 8 mains and a few different small sharing plates to choose from, we tried the Super Charge, which was a base of courgette stuffed with seed cheese and topped with green beans , this dish had a rich flavour from the cheese and varies textures from the beans and courgette went well together, the other dish we opted for was Buddha Bliss, a kind of roasted veg Buddha bowl with Yam plenta, seasonal greens and a oriental Mushroom , black bean sauce and quinoa, the dish was an interesting concept but we found it lack in overall flavour, the vegetables had a sloppy texture and the appearance was a bit messy. We choose not to have dessert as these dishes where filling, but overall it’s a nice place to eat in the heart of London, offering supercharged food and drink.

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