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BBC Good Food Festival

Hampton Court Palace played host to the annual good food festival this year. The grand surroundings and beautiful weather resulted in a weekend not to be missed for food lovers.

 Previous BBC Good Food events have been a great way for us to discover new and exciting food brands and companies as well as stalls and pop up which we like to bring attention to via VegView reviews and features. This event varied slightly from the usual turn up, there were considerably fewer stands than usual and a massive reduction in vegan and vegetarian brands instead including much more alcohol companies and meat based stands accompanying the summer festival theme, a lot more of a relaxed family event. That being said, it didn't stop us from hunting down any options we could try and there were still quite a few- falafel, juices/smoothies, vegetable sushi and a bit more falafel. 

 We were tempted by the beverages and as it was such a warm day felt we needed a refreshment. We often for a stand offering strawberry flavoured gin cocktails. Light and fruity, these delicious beverages were just what we needed to quench our thirst. We enjoyed our drinks whilst watching an interview of Michele Roux and his daughter.

 The scent of warm falafel lured us in a stall and we ordered one falafel salad and one falafel wrap both priced at £7, which was to be expected at this kind of event. We enjoyed our lunch sitting and lounging in the gorgrous surroundings and listening to the performers taking the stage. 

 We were excited to see Michele Roux and his daughters demo in the tent. Though perhaps not regarded as a particularly vegan or vegetarian friendly chef, it was an opportunity to see a noted chef at work we couldn't pass up. As expected the squid and octopus cantered dishes were definitely in no way even remotely vegan, we took great interest in the discussing of flavours, presentation and passion that Michelle and his daughter clearly have for food and creating great flavours. We often look to omnivore chefs and dishes as inspiration for veggie dishes, technique, presentation and flavour combining is a skill that transcends dietary preference and there is always something new to learn.

 Definitely a family friendly day out in beautiful surroundings enjoying the food, drink, weather and talks.
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