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Wok on fire

Location: 43 Old Compton Street, Soho (nearest station Leicester Square) 
Summary: Popular chinese fast food restaurant 
Service: Table Service/Takeaway 
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.


Found on Old Compton Street Wok on Fire gives off the soho vibe all over , with flames flicking high from the open kitchen  inside, it’s not hard to notice these guys cooking something up the smell drifts across the street of spices and that stir fried essence that the flame wok gives off when flaming the oils,
With decor of 1990's café tables and tiled floors it’s a simple takeaway or sit in , but the decor doesn’t really need to do much when you have these flaming woks right in front of you

you have the choice of a base of noodles and rices, toppings including veg and tofu and sauces ranging from sweet chilli to soy, To order your meal you simply go up to the counter and choose what you would want before taking a seat whilst the dish is cooked right in front of you

Undeniably the dishes where full of flavour. Whether you wanted meat, fish or veggies there was vast choice you can choose and you pay per topping, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend and how much you can eat, the dishes are very large and you can also get what you can’t eat boxed up for takeaway, we finished are noodle bowls with a couple of glasses of the in house made lemonade, very refreshing and light, over all Wok on Fire is a great fast food stop with flavourful food at a great price, catering to all dietary needs, including gluten free, vegan and omni, just ask the staff and they will be happy to let you know

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