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Location: Cafe/Restaurant (chain with four Locations around London)
Summary: Cafe, store and bakery
Service: Table Service
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.

This Small chain of cafes located across London featuring a cafe bakery and store have a great range on offer including cakes, breads, drinks, salads and freshly made dishes. 
After waiting at the counter, we were seated however it took a long time until we were given menu's or asked for a drinks order and we had to call over a waitress our self’s, we enquired about what vegan options where available or what dishes could be converted easy for the chef. 

The waitress wasn’t very knowledgeable on the menu; when asked, what was suitable for vegans she said nothing was. But we pointed out the large salad bar in the café, and after she checked , it turns out that almost all the salads where in fact vegan.

the menu had a nice selection of beverages ranging from teas to juices and tonics, the Food menu however was lacking in vegan options as even the soups contain butter, yep you heard right, the soup had butter? But not all was lost, the salad bar provided some options, which turns out to be rather nice, a good variety of mixed flavours salads, The main dish we ordered of pickled vegetables with sourdough was very disappointing especially given the price. Bland and taste less, the bread looked like a pre-cut loaf from a super market it didn’t look like even look like sourdough, altogether not a great experience, customer service, poor food and prices

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