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Something freaky at Canvas Cafe

Location: 42 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL
Summary: Community Café
Service: Table service
Dietary Options: vegan, vegetarian, omnivore


This little community café just off the ever popular Brick Lane packs a punch ,the café was absolutely packed with people, which is to be expected around Bricklane, we had heard good things about this place so it wasn’t to surprising, a small long cafe with small tables and decor of what is going on within the arts room they have out the back, we order some food at the counter and took a seat in the small garden out the back of the café,


Canvas café has a range of light meals, snacks and drinks catering for most preferences. We opted for some sandwiches, salad and there popular freakshakes, which are like milkshakes and desserts mixed into one, the food was nice overall, but the salads lacked in overall flavour, the sandwich of crushed spiced chickpea and avocado was a nice treat, followed by these crazy looking dessert drinks, lovely texture and flavours, however each dish was brought out at different times which meant waiting to eat until the whole party had got their order, thankfully we didn’t have any hot food

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