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Location: 90 Brick Lane London, E1 6RL
(nearest station Shoreditch High Street)
Summary: Japanese sushi restaurant.
Service: Table service
Dietary Options: vegan, vegetarian, omnivore


This Small Japanese restaurant sitting quietly down the bustling streets of brick lane, never really catch our eye to recently , with a welcome look of stylish dark lines and dim lite tables we thought to give it try, a rather cosy feel in a modern styled restaurant, themed with large flower prints and dark bar and walls, your standard chopsticks ready at the tablet

With the ever growing trend in eating lots of sushi, we had hoped for something real special from this place, on entering the empty restaurant we wondered where the rest of the diners where, once seated and reading through the mean, it became clear there wasn’t a great deal for vegans, but got a few options that where available thanks to a waiter helping with the menu, the food over all was fresh but nothing new when it came to the world of sushi. For the price it isn’t the best of options if your on a budget, but the experience and over all feel of the restaurant was relaxing and full filling

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