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Italian Dolce Vita

Founded in 2009 this Italian shoe and accessories company are on the right path to making a big difference, Not only in fashion statements but in their environmental foot print as well.
You find many companies that are happy to use or are using cruelty free material’s but tend to forget that everything has a carbon foot print, everything effects nature in one way or another. Noah Vegan shoes are using Sustainable and lasting materials, while insuring there are no harmful substances used and of course are free of leather and animal products.

Made using traditional Italian handcrafted production methods while working with new and innovative materials to achieve some high quality and beautiful Italian shoes that combine elegance with style, passed down through generations of skilled shoe makers, simple but classy styles that compliment any relaxed outfit or evening wear, whether it be Men’s boots or lady’s flat shoes, they got it right the first time.

Noah believes that upholding the Italian Volce vita – zest for life paired with responsible choices in business and development is the key to sustainably and this hold true through their production process, design and products, there is a responsibility to make a difference and Noah are right at the front of line when it comes to balancing the two.

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