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Pulled Jackfruit at Mr Bao

Location: 293 Rye Lane, Peckham,SE15 4UA
Summary: Authentic Taiwanese restaurant 
Service: Table Service
Dietary Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan.

located in Peckham, This Taiwanese restaurant was full to the brim with people, the table wait was a bit too long, but thankfully we had pre-booked, it was very tightly packed in with back to back tables, but still having a lively and good vibe to the restaurant, it’s defiantly a favourite with the locals, they didn’t stop turning up throughout our experience there.

Mr Bao has Asian inspired décor with colourful tables and a rustic over all feel to the place, hosting an open kitchen at the back, it was clear to see they were understaffed, the waitresses where running around and where very apologetic about the service and wait for food

Once settle and ready to order, our waitress advise what was best to order, which was some small plates, we were happy to try anything veggie, unfortunately Bao buns are made of milk, so we had the fillings separated, The plates served where a great range of flavourful dishes including smacked cucumber, spiced edamame, sweet potato chips, sesame spinach and picked vegetables as well as the main meal of pulled Jackfruit and another of shitake mushrooms which would usually come in Bao Buns.
The food was full of authentic eastern flavours, using a range of spices and herbs that leave you taste buds craving more, we recommend trying the pulled jackfruit if you haven’t tried it before, it is a game changer, over all Mr Bao is a great place for some authentic Taiwanese food offering some great vegan options, although Peckham is far from central London, we were made aware there was going to be a second restaurant opening in Soho

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