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No Comprise: Hurtig Lane Watches

 With all of today's great technology’s and amazing cruelty free materials, it’s hard to see why not all brands are using synthetics and there is a big reason behind this.

People of today believe that if it isn’t real then the quality of the product will be bad and won’t try or believe otherwise.
In the vegan world, however, there are so many amazing and cruelty free brands using synthetic leathers made from cottons to Pinatex (pineapple skin) and you wouldn’t ever know the difference between them, while maintaining great style at no comprise and this is something that Hurtig Lane in Barcelona pride them self’s on.
Launched in the summer of 2016, Hurtig Lane doesn’t comprise on style or quality, offering a full range of fashionable vegan watches, jewellery and accessories.

Michael the founder decided to start the brand after watching the documentary Earthlings and was horrified to discover the truth behind the leather industry, he immediately started looking in to leather alternatives.
Before this Michael designed and made leather handlebar grips for bikes, so it shows the power that watching documentary’s like earthlings can have on a person and the changes it can make on an ever-growing fashion industry

Michael says “Fashion and style never need to be compromised in order to protect the rights of animals and our aim is to prove that”
Hurtig Lane have only been around for 5 months but are making their mark on vegan fashion, with new styles joining their collection, with classy gent’s watches using synthetic leather straps and classic full face 12 hour designs their styles can match almost any fashion combination from dressed up suits to the dressed down beach look and the same goes for the women’s, classy and stylish, yet simple and relaxed carrying you through adding that touch of elegant to any outfit through day and night.

We look forward to see the new releases from Hurtig Lane and expect them to go far on the mission to show the world there is no compromise when you it comes to vegan fashion. 

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