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Sexy food and what?

The link between Fashion & Food is growing, with all the famous and fabulous splashing Instagram with their arty breakfast bowls and super diets created by some fitness guru you’ve never heard of.

sexy say what?

Over the past few years, food has grown to be and has its own sex appeal , not in the naughty sense but more in that the shapes and patterns that food can create, those have become much more appealing , with beautiful exotic fruits full of bright colours and a weird name you can’t pronounce , avocado roses and some truffle ice cream topped with the beard of a wise man , over all it is the images that draw us into the void that makes us crave these things, what is it, what does it taste like?

But how does that link to fashion?

Well for most celebrities there are two main things your see on their Instagram’s that being fashion and of course food, created by them or some overly priced restaurant , but as long as it looks nice that is the key to engagement , look pretty and colourful, want what they want, then dress how they dress, it isn’t so much of a new thing when it comes to being super rich and famous, everyone has always followed some sort of trend or look through the years, but now it’s a simple finger tap to phone screen and you can dive head first into what they eat and wear , it’s glamour’s , beautiful and twisted all at the same time, food artist create these stunning adverts and works of art and it is beautiful but it isn’t true to what it may really be , the same goes along with fashion, photoshop everything and it will be fine

we say be your own, create your own, but build from ideas, take note and eat well, the fashion is all down to person taste, but never let someone tell you that you can’t wear what you want, think lime green sweat pants and torn hoodies
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