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Beyond Bags started their online store in 2016.The founder,a vegetarian of 15 years, became vegan after finding out the methods used in factory farming As a business women who struggled to obtain high quality vegan merchandise, she started Beyond Bags and it has bloomed into a well-known vegan store, providing luxury vegan bags across the globe.Beyond Bags are committed to providing high quality designer bags using leather alternatives which are cruelty free and vegan, giving you a stylish addition to any great fashion look while addressing the needs of vegans.

The bags are sourced from high quality designers and brands, using well know ethical materials and new ones that you may not of heard of yet, but soon will. Cork is used in many products and is a natural material made from Cork Oak bark. The majority of cork forests are found in Spain and Portugal, the trees live for around 300 years and the bark is stripped from them around every 9 years. This is a sustainable source of material that doesn’t affect the environment or animals in a harmful way.

There are other materials like polyurethane, an organic polymer derived from vegetable oil which is chemically inert and not carcinogenic, which is better for the environment as it is more biodegradable, but the new material which is hitting headlines lately is Pinatex an innovative new fabric made from pineapple. Pinatex is a high performance sustainable textile, it very much looks like and feels like leather but is cruelty free and production is 100% ecological.The textile is water resistant, strong, light and versatile and has passed the ISO international standards tests for seam rupture and tear resistance. It provides additional income for farmers while creating a new vibrant industry for pineapple growing countries. This textile underwent years of research and development and is now changing the bag industry.
In recognition of Beyond Bags promotion of cruelty free accessories and commitment to stocking 100% vegan merchandise they have been certified as PETA approved vegan by PETA and its affiliates.

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