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Rawligion: Plant Fuel

Location: 3 Tottenham St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 2AF
Summary: super charged raw food cafe
Service: counter, sit in and takeaway.
Dietary Options: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

Just off Tottenham Court road sits this food and drink power house. Rawligion is a small modern café serving up some fantastic organic raw food and drinks, that aren’t just healthy but are mainly vegan. The cafe has a large front window, flooding the cafe with natural light which glimmers across the moss walls and honeycomb grid installation, a large front counter where you can order drinks and freshly made soups and a modern seating arrangement at the back of the café under a lowered devils ivy ceiling and tube lighting

The main food is help yourself from the 2 large fridges. Rawligion offers up some unusual but powerful food and drink, with ingredients you may never have heard of but won’t ever forget. The John Dee was a power and energising  detox juice which contained nymphaea, labdanum and even volcanic salts. There was also the creamy and wonderful Brain Milk, which is their signature drink made from walnut milk, containing medicinal mushrooms to enhance concentration and sharpness of mind. Rawligion also offer highly stimulating raw shots, teas and freshly made smoothies with add ins, quite something when it comes to the drink, and the food is no different.

If you are on the morning run or on route to work and fancy yourself a quick breakfast there are some great chia pots to choose from including apple and cinnamon & also chocolate and strawberry, with a great combination of rich flavors and lovely smooth textures. These pots are full of proteins and omegas, sweet warming and aromatic, and that’s just breakfast. Rawligions lunch and side pots are to die for, the spicy Singapore kelp noodles have a great kick of heat mixed with spices and vegetables that leave you feeling refreshed and re-energised .There are some great choices including the New York Kale Salad and Food Sea Caesar salad, with plenty of smaller side pots to accompany them, eg dehydrated falafel and kelp hummus. If you have a sweet tooth there are plenty of  treats to choose from, rich and chocolately caramel cake, cheese cakes and power bars to keep you on the go throughout the day.

Rawligion is a place that is at the top of the game when it comes to health and making you feel great when eating food, using powerful and exciting organic ingredients with the added benefit that it is pretty much `100% vegan. If you haven’t ever tried raw food before, we strongly recommend starting here.

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