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Comforting Skin

Madara Skincare believe that the best skincare is the kind that goes deeper than just skin, not just making you feel better but to help well being and self esteem and we could not agree more, Madara care and value not just what they make but the impact that it has on the environment, making some bottles 100%  post consumer recycled helping to reduce plastic volumes made each year which is a major problem into days world.

Madara was founded in Norway and they know the importance of maintaining beautiful skin in today's harsh climates and busy life styles, if your suffering from tight dry skin Madara have the perfect toner for you.

Made using cornflower and rose waters with Camomile extracts this Comforting toner helps to soften and moisturise your skin while deeply toning and hydrating, it helps to regulate your HP Balance and prevents skin irritation, it has a soft scent and can be easily applied using a cotton pad , you can also overlay this toner with your daily moisturiser as well, we didn't find the need to do so, this toner really helped with red marks and improve on complexion after a week of using it and is a refreshing treat after a long day in the city, we used it after cleansing and it didn't irritate at all , this Natural & Organic toner is certified ECOCERT and its a Winner from us.

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