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Getting Lippy

We take them for granted , try to imagine life without Lips, how are you going to kiss , how are you going to eat all those lovely vegan treats, how are going to pose in that selfie? maintaining them couldn’t be simpler, lip balms are everywhere now days , but you always find one you love the most and keep using it, flavoured ones are always the best of choices for us and Hurraw have some great and unique flavours to choose from, organic cold pressed lip balms individually poured into each tube, ensuring the finest all natural vegan balms available and we have to agree they are pretty tasty, Hurruw source the ingredients  from honest fair trade suppliers and use organic raw vegan ingredients, it took them a few years formulating Hurraw balms but you know they got it right once you try them, so here are three we tried out...

Orange Lip Balm 4.3g
Made from sun ripened organs, this little stick has a uplifting kick, a juicy sweet balm that leaves you licking your lips, it applies easy and doesn’t leave you with that glossy wet feeling a lot of balms often to do, a sweet treat that you can leave in your pocket all day without it melting.

Coffee Bean Lip Balm 4.3g
A cold pressed coffee bean oil and almond oil give this balm an extra anti inflammatory and antioxidant kick, it also contains raw chocolate, which give it a choco flavour, it applies smoothly in a even layer and its not to sticky, but the flavour is a bit unusual , I myself like coffee but it has a weird taste like a coffee that’s been left on the side for a while

Green tea Lip balm 4.3g
This balm is a bit different from the rest of the pack, it has Organic Canadian Hemp oil added to the mix and uses matcha green tea giving it added antioxidant benefits, it has high levels of omega fatty acids leaving your lips feeling soft and moisturized , it has a lovely green tea scent with hints of jasmine, and it is one you will keep using over and over again, a great nutritious lip balm with added benefits.

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