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Kerris Clothing

Being creative and an animal lover is a good mix in most sense of the words, you find most of the creativeness turns out to be animal based and that is what you find here with kerris clothing, started early 2017 kerris clothing is pulling out some simple but catchy fun designs on t shirts, phone cases and hoodies.

Kerri says that she has always been a creative since she was young and animal welfare is something she is very passionate about , it is the inspiration for most  of her designs. She set up the store to help promote this through her designs, helping spread an important message and making vegan clothing more accessible for everyone sharing the same values which isn’t an easy thing to do on our own, there are plenty of vegan clothing brands out there selling luxury bags and designer clothing, but all of these come with a designer price tag and a lot of these aren’t directly sharing the message , you haven’t got to write vegan across your forehead to let people know your values , but with designs like these, it makes you think about that message and has personality to it, this in itself is a good value in any business, Currently in the process of setting up her own store her primary goal is freedom and to be her own boss doing something you can see she is so passionate about and we believe that being passionate is the best drive for such things, it doesn’t matter how small a business is but is the message in which you intend to share and support, helping animals and to spread the vegan message in a creative and fun way that can also relate to an individual , with t-shirts saying things like shoot photos not animals (t-shirt featured above) we love it and think your love her designs to, check out her site and remember t-shirt season is coming up.

 well maybe, this is England after all.

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