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Raw Balance

Food supplements are a big thing right now and there has to be a good balance in your diet to get the right effect, a lot of these food supplements are for gym junkies and to restore lost vitamins lost through unbalanced vegan diets, having unbalanced diet can lead to a build up of toxins and nasty that get stuck in your system and who really wants that?

Kristina the founder of Raw Complexions believes every woman deserves the right to have a healthy, Beautiful complexion and make you feel confidence that comes along with it, Kristina created a brand of high quality inner skincare products with a community outlook, we sort to try out the vegan friend one called Skin balance.

Skin Balance is a blend of alkalising greens and unique herbs that make up a powerful beauty blend to help you inside and out, the herbs and greens help in rejuvenation of skin and give antioxidant protect, slowing down signs of aging, the ingredients can firm up skin and elasticity, using a combination of greens including astragalus roots , hemp seeds, beetroot, strawberry, alfalfa and Siberian ginseng to name a few, these ingredients give a powerful combination of Vitamins and essential amino acids to help your inside glow and your outside shine, if you haven’t used superfood add ins before, it’s a pretty simple thing to get hooked on, just add a table spoon to any drink or juice and your ready to go, its pretty amazing what can be achieved through adding these supplements to your morning juice , everything you need and more packed into a powder that is made from natural ingredients, just the way it should be  
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