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The Brush Rush

We use them every day to clean, but they are poisoning and destroying life, not so much because what they are but what they are made of, plastic products are unsafe and are environmentally damaging to land and sea animals, yet there are so many great materials that are widely available as alternatives and this is where Pearl Bar come in.

Founded in 2015 as a teeth whiting clinic by Australian Bridget Rose , her take home toothbrushes were popular from the start , she is now on a mission to transform everyday routines, Pearl bar believes in the power of natural alternatives, Charcoal being one of them , using its natural cleaning agents within the brushes bristles and  each toothbrush handle crafted from Bamboo, being cultivated for three years then harvested, making a great environmentally sustainable wood source, but it doesn’t just stop there, Pearl Bar also donate 10% of all orders to their favourite charities, so when you make the change to eco-friendly , you’re not just buying a product, but your giving back as well.

The brush leaving your teeth feeling refreshed and cleaning while being cruelty free and vegan, its bamboo handle has a nice grip and is easy to clean with being Panda friendly, but we think the pandas might need a bigger brush for their teeth

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