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Waking up in the morning isn’t something we like doing, a coffee or a few coffees help us get through , but one thing that really drags is having to shave, when your still half asleep playing a dangerous game, making sure we don’t miss a bit or turn the bathroom into a massacre, that’s a simple fix, get a good razor, but it’s not just about the razor, it is a balance of the razor and the shaving cream, the most common problem being that we are left with sensitive red raw skin after, so a good shaving cream and after shave work wonders, remember people follow the grain!

The pacific shaving company have gone one step further and caffeinated their shaving cream, leaving you with a morning kick to the face, not a bad one but the one that will leave you feeling ready for day, contain antioxidant rich, naturally derived caffeine and organic aloe and spearmint, helping to not just clear skin but leaving skin smooth and refreshed while reducing redness.

89ml /3oz tube accepted in hand luggage on most flights.

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