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Clarifying hair

Recommended for people with Dry hair, itchy or  flaky scalp or out of condition hair types, this Shampoo and Condition help to bring your hair back Balance and cleanse with Vitamins and minerals that your hair need.

PHB’s shampoos are handcrafted and specially formulated with carefully selected blends to match every hair type, using blends of nourishing botanicals and herbal extracts, this clarifying set uses Renewing Extracts of Vanilla and Mandarin to cleanse the scalp and fight excess sebum, if you don’t know what sebum is, it is the natural oils that make your hair feel greasy, as well as Organic Argan oil & Sea Buckthorn, stimulating the scalp encouraging healthy hair and scalp and preventing irritation.

Using natural ingredients which are kind to scalp, skin and hair PHB have carefully selected the perfect Botanical oils and extracts based on age old remedies that really make a difference , free from parabens, SLS & Harmful chemicals, they have our vote from the start, the bottles are easy to use with push pumps and you only need a small amount to cover shoulder length hair types, you could also leave the condition on as a mask if you have very unconditioned hair, a great day to day shampoo that can tame even the worse of bed bed hair.

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