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Rosa Centifolia

After that long day at work or morning grogginess we all need a refresh and something to give us a fresh feeling, although it’s just water, it isn’t just water, this detergent free beauty water can remove everyday make up and Refresh your skin ready for a new day or long night, helping to leave your skin feeling purified, revived and toned all in 1 use, it’s an easy to use makeup remover and cleanser all in one bottle, what more could you ask for.

The beauty water can be used on all skin types and is great for those with sensitive and reactive skin, helping with skin tightness and dryness, the water has a wonderful Rose scent to it that is lovely thing to wake to in the morning, a simple but effective all in one water that’s perfect for everyday use, packaged in a simple bottle, we use this water after hard cleanse scrub or face mask to give a gentle clean and refreshing boost to our beauty routines, the water requires no rinsing so you can use it on the go when in a rush.

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