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Soap Story

When it comes to soap it’s a simple thing to use, shower or bath, scrub scrub done, that’s the easy part, but choosing the right soap is different story altogether, most commercially produced soaps are packed full of chemical detergents or a mix of harmful chemicals and soap, the most common used chemical is sodium lauryl sulphate which is a known irritant to sensitive skin and can course normal skin to become sensitive, skin is precious , although it is one of the fastest cells in the body to regenerate , if you do enough harm it will stay damaged, choosing a natural and pure soap will help benefit your skin greatly and you will notice the difference straight away.

Ruth Romano soaps started for this reason after Ruth fell seriously ill with cancer she started to look at what was being put in and on her body, in her quest for nature inspired products following her treatment, she created her own products with natural ingredients that are beneficial to skin, Ruth Romano award winning soaps are free from harsh chemicals to nurture and pamper your skin, using vitamin enriched oils, butters and essential oils that care for your skin.

The lemongrass soap bar is our favourite made with olive oil , Shea butter, glycerine and castor oil to help soften and moisturise your skin and the lemongrass essential oil gives off a beautiful sweet scent that is a really refresh smell in the morning or after a long day, each bar is 100g and last a while, the castor oil makes for a great lather so you don’t need to keep foaming up

Remember to let the soap dry out between uses

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