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The Man Bag

A hand bag quite simply, but this isn’t one for women, this is actually a strapless men’s messenger, you’re probably thinking what the hell are they thinking designing this but these bags are an up-coming trend across the UK, if you live or working in London you would have probably seen these bags within the hands of a sharp eyed, suited and booted guy on their way to the office.

I myself have had one of these bags on my radar for quite some time but couldn’t find one that wasn’t real leather until now, I fell across this while doing a collaboration with a fashion website and the bag just happened to be made from faux leather, I got so excited I dropped my hummus on the floor, not good people, not good. But the fact I actually found one was amazing, the bag is from a company called Deelfel, they were founded in 2013 in Guangzhou China , they are a leather crafting company but judging from our research they don’t seem to actually use much real  leather but instead Faux leathers and PU , it’s to be expected from china really, but the bag it’s self is very good quality, stylish and a good size.

There are a lot of hidden vegan bags about, companies like these use the word leather in their ads or headlines to draw people in but in fact they are actually made from faux leather most of the time so keep your eye out when online, Amazon and Ebay are good places if your after vegan bags, men’s and women’s of course at a reasonable price, although china have some very bad animal practices , they are also a massive supplier of animal alternatives as well, maybe not on purpose but to keep costs down, that is good with us if its vegan.
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