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When it comes to vegan clothing there is either super stylist bags, coats and shoes or t shirts and hats pushing the vegan message into people’s faces, sometimes it’s about keeping it simple, relaxed, the sort of stuff you can chuck on lazy days or popping out to grab some kale from the shop, but then there are those days where your hanging out and want to look cool and fashionable too, it has to be a balance of both, what I call street style, it’s a mix of style and dress down , t-shirts, hats and ripped jeans.

This American vegan brand have done just that with their range of simple branded t-shirts and snapbacks, oh and as summers fast coming, it’s the perfect thing, t- shirts and snap to keep the sun out your eyes, well that doesn’t really apply here in England as the sun hates the English but it can keep the rain out your eyes , The company is seeking to encourage an expansion of consciousness, which it believes is a major key to better health, finances, happiness, and spiritual development. The brand is advocating for consideration, compassion, and freedom for both humans and animals. Believing that what they do and for others is also do to and for ourselves, Trap Vegan believes that those who are seeking freedom and justice, for themselves or for others, should be among the first to offer it to the billions of animals who endure needless suffering around the world as they are separated from their families, tortured, and eventually killed.   

Trap Vegan believe the idea of unveiling your personal light of life for the world to see by going within, finding your true self and true purpose, and perpetually seeking enlightenment, which includes an understanding of self and the laws and ways of the universe, there is a great deepness to their belief and we stand by it, that being the reasons and also the fashion as they like to call urban style, trap vegan are doing just what you hope keeping you looking fresh while representing style, compassion and hustle, with a variety of snapbacks and Ts in different colours and fonts, available in Women’s and Men’s sizes your find the combo that is suited to your urban style.

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