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Berry & Cherry

Made with Natural fibres, these wipes make easy work of removing your daily dirt and pollution, with berry infused into the wipes they give off a sweet scent from the moment you open the pack, no rinsing required meaning you can jump straight in to your work clothes or tuck up under the warm duvet, ready for a nice fresh morning, the ingredients playing a big part in what makes these wipes so great include Coconut water, which is great for maintaining hydration in the skin , berry extract with artctic root is a combo of super fruits which have natural antioxidant properties as well as caffeine and Rhodiola , caffeine is being used more and more within beauty products as it helps stimulate the skin and Rhodiloa is an interesting plant ingredient that has been shown to promote the production of endorphins, that’s a lot of punch for a simple facial wipe but that is what you expect from one of leading vegan beauty brands.

This wipe is made for kisses, these hydrating lipstick wipes, are great for both removal of lipstick or on the move top ups and changes, using the natural fibre towelettes with an exfoliating texture and hydrating ingredients of coconut oil and vitamin E, they help to cleanse and promote healthy skin, while leaving you lips feeling soft and clean, after all lips like to play the drying out game and they don’t look to good with lippy on.
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