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Everyone is prepping for the summer, hitting the gym, getting tans and doing these superfood diets , getting in shaping and looking good is always the first thing you want, after all today’s generation is selfies and hashtags, but it’s what is in side that counts on the outside, if your system is full of toxins and is run down then it’s time to detox before the summer party’s and BBQ’s bash your body about, the easiest way to do this is eating and drinking right, and the best way to do it is Tea , detoxing tea, ya green smelly weird tasting tea, but they aren’t all like that, Teatox have a great ranges of teas for everything you hope to achieve from skinny tea to body defense, these all natural teas aren’t just great for the body but taste great too.

Natural defense is designed to help clean and boost your natural immune system using pure organic ingredients of vitamin rich pomegranate , fresh ginger, sencha tea and medicinal plant Echinacea, together they provide an invigorating , fruity taste and help to boost and protect, the pomegranate is said to be a secret vitamin filled weapon, full of vitamin C and antioxidants, the same is said for ginger but ginger has a natural antibacterial effect helping to cleanse your inside as well as containing minerals, essential oils and vitamins, ginger is very good when you are run down with a cold, but the main and medicinally used ingredient is Echinacea , rich in minerals and vitamins it is used as a remedy for colds, flu and is naturally immune boosting.

These teas are 100% organic with no artificial flavouring or additives giving you the best natural defense to help you get where you need to be, they can be enjoyed hot or cold in one of teatox range of cups and thermos, that are perfect for you on the go or relaxing at home, the thermos pictured above is a double walled borosilicate scratchproof glass thermos with filter and with a fill of 330ml which is the perfect size for any brew, the filter has two stages so you can also use your thermos as a infused water glass which will be great for the summery water cocktails of lemon and mint, they also have a smaller filtered mug and starter tea sets for you new brewers.
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