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Odour Le Sage

Deodorant where would be without it? Most probably walking round with cloths pegs on our noses or having to shower 3 times a day because of the smell radiating from every human on the plant.

Now when there are 3 main types of deodorants, roll ons that are easy to us, deo sticks that are mainly 100% natural based and are like a wax texture and then there are sprays, sprays being the most popular out of the three, probably because they are most convenient, but they are the worst to use, they have harmful chemicals and metals that not only damage the skin and block pores, but are also very harmful to the environment, but there are non toxic and natural ones available out there.

Weleda have a range of pump action spray deodorants to banish bad body odour without irritating the skin and are free from harm chemicals and aluminium salts, the spray is a wet spray but dries within seconds of spraying leaving you feeling fresh and non sticky, the deodorant contains biodynamic sage leaf oil which is known for its cleansing and purifying properties, it pretty much has the whole herb garden packed in , it also contain rosemary and tea tree which are both natural cleansers as well, it comes in a convenient 100ml bottle which will last a long time, you only need a couple of sprays in the morning and your ready to start your day.

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