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The first in our makeup series goes to Lips, keeping it simple but natural can make all the difference to your look, lips are an engaging feature to the face, much like cheeks and eyes, you want a bit of Plush with a touch of lush, a sweet cherry kiss in a mineral stick, who needs this?

Lips are the accessory you always wear, there’s nothing you can do to stop that, but there’s a lot we can do to change it, plumping them, filling them and highlighting how beautiful they are with shades of sweet cherry lipsticks and contouring edges, keeping them hydrated and chemical free is always an important factor, so much makeup is full of harsh chemicals which leave lips dry and cracked, that’s not something we want.

Mineral lipsticks are widely available which are the best for hydrating and keeping it natural, these Plushious liquid lipsticks from Pacifica do just that, they come in 6 shades ranging from deep  wine red to a light chocolate clay, ( velvet kiss, crave, aura, flawless, breathless, bae) they spread evenly across the lip and can be easily blended to create a 2 tone look or add highlights, long lasting lipstick is the key to an easy evening out, meaning you haven’t got to top up every 10 minutes  in the bathroom and end up missing your song request from the DJ

They can be just as easy to remove using a facial wipe or lipstick wipe as well, they come in 0.07oz glass tube bottles with a soft applicator dip stick, for easy applications and cleanliness, for this look we used bae ( deep wine red) and aura (earthly clay) staring with the light shade of clay then working the deep red around it, leaving a nice centre highlight, 2 tone effect which helps the lips to look healthy and full.

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