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Suit the Scent

The scent of life surrounds us, from flowers, to the smell of a cold earth on a wet winters day, everything is based on scent, it’s what excites us, the smell of great food cooking or a sweet perfume , it attracts us to the beauty that we don’t have to see to know it’s there.

Walden perfumes using natural scents and giving an organic parfum, with the new range available we sort to try one out, that one being The solid earth, with a mix of citrusy fresh and earthly tones, using petigrain with Vetiver and patchouli Oil.

People are very picky when it comes to the smell of perfumes weather that  be male or female, choosing the right one is very important , we at vediton believe a perfume can be matched with a style, the solid earth parfum gives off a sweet tone but has a strong earthly scent to it of rosewood, this is to us a vintage scent , or could be considered as a gentleman’s perfume, woven vintage suit jackets and a pocket watch , but it depends on your personal taste, we love it and think it’s got that great musk that any gents perfume should have, Waldens range has 2 gents parfums and the rest are female scents, coming in a simple yet elegant 50ml cubed glass bottle with a wooden top, perfect for the bag or trips away, check out the range

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