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Big V London

It all started in 2006 at London’s borough market, back then they were called the Veggie Table and the aim was to make delicious Vegetarian & Vegan food. 10 years on and they are now across some of London’s busy and best markets, including Broadway market and Greenwich Market, but rebranded under the name Big V London and serving up 100% Vegan burgers. Besides being Vegan they source their ingredients locally, the veg from a chemical free farm in Lincolnshire , Quinoa grown in Essex and custom made Brioche Buns from London, there’s nothing better than supporting local organic farmers.

We attended the Market Stool at Greenwich, it’s just after the main entrance to the left , we knew soon as we got there it was going to be good, the stall was surrounded by people, they have all the burgers on display so you can see what you’re getting. They have everything you could want. We went all out and got the Facon Cheese burger, made using their classic burger with strips of crispy maple facon, made from soya, vegan cheddar cheese, served on their local sourced brioche buns and it comes packed with salad and a creamy burger sauce, as we are going to call it, The Perfection. The burger was amazing, everything fitted together amazingly and is cooked right in front of your eyes, we would say it's one of the best vegan burgers we have ever had.If you don’t fancy a burger they also have on offer Facon & Cheese toasties and salad combos, something for everything you’re craving all at one stall.

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