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There is many reasons and causes of dull and stressed skin, from work to personal life, diet to illness, we do our best to work around it, but it can take its toll where you don’t want it to, the face, dark circles and deep lines under the eyes are the first thing we see and last thing we want, I myself suffer from theses day in and day out, we can try and hide them by piling on the make up but if done correctly it’s an easy task to hide them that takes a minute , that step being correction creams and using the right tones to correct them with, then there is the break outs in spots and redness that comes along with the tiredness and stress as well, this can be easily over come the same way, these things are life saves and here are two besties from the Pacifica.

Pacifica’s Blemish Banish concentrated mineral correcting creams, coming in three shades for the different parts you need to correct, they help neutralize redness and blemishes while brightening the areas that need an uplift, you want to use these before foundation, as darker tones can easily be seen through foundations and you don’t want a face slapped with layers and layers, the three shades are Green which helps cut through the redness, pink, which helps with brightenngup dullness and even the over all tone of your skin and then there is yellow which helps neutralize red and blue tones.

Pacifica’s Dark Circle Rehab concentrated correcting creams, these three shades are designed to correct those dark circles and shots, the worst of the worst, this pallet can be used prior to your foundation and we recommend doing so, if you make a mistake with your foundation or liner, you wont have to start everything all over again, the three shades on this pallet are Peach, which combats the main dark circles and spots, behind the eyes and around the nose, purple which brightens dullness and under lying yellow tones and then the last is beige which neutralizes blue tones and helps even out the skins overall tone, which ever way you choose to use them , use them well, these are the life savers and the secret weapons to your base face.

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