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Face the Finish

The base of ever face starts with a foundation, weather that be liquid or powder or even both, when using foundations there is always that flat even look that just can’t stand on it’s own two feet, you need that extra kick of complexion and that’s what highlighters and finishing powders are for, helping to add that shade and tone that helps give your face a nice edge and glow, here are two from pacifica that go together like tomato & Basil .

Neutralizing mattifer is a soft translucent powder infused with cherry and coconut, not just leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety but helping to set the look in place, giving you long lasting makeup from days start to days finish, it helps to control oil and melting makeup, meaning you haven’t gotta slap on more every time you see a mirror, the powder is easy to apply with either a thick or thin bristle powder brush and you don’t need to coat it on, a little goes along way with powders, the mattifer can be built up in layers and is idea for use over foundation, shine free perfection.

Ice Baby is a hydrating highlighter that helps create that lit from within look , helping to brighten your complex , this can be used the same as a highlighter along the cheek bones or what ever way you feel best works for you, the powder is infused with coconut water for that added hydration, you can never get either hydration when it comes to makeup, there are many powders out there that act as a barrier to the skin , blocking pores and damaging skin, you want healthy glowing skin,using makeup that leaves your skin looking flawless. 
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