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Highlight the high life

Selfie ready set and glow, another from our series on Pacifica’s wonderful make range brings us to the glorious stage that is highlighting, and no we don’t mean using a neon coloured pen (laughs), we mean as in highlighting those cheek bones, bring them out, show the world what we are talking about.

Highlighting isn’t a new thing, it’s a key part to make up on photoshoots as well as post production process, its used on pretty much anything, contouring as your call it in makeup is sampling highlights and shadows in the creative world, lighten up the face where the light hits and darkening the shadows, it gives a beautiful edge to your facial features if done correctly, but too much can leave you looking like a squared-up doll.

This range of highlighters from Pacifica leave you feeling like a glittery unicorn , I can’t think of a better way to put it , with a name like Rainbow crystals who can blame me, the highlighters help you achieve the lit look, coming in four different colours (dance like this, nebula, crystal moon and unicorn) these are liquid mineral highlighters, not just leaving your skin looking good but they are free of harsh chemicals and don’t clog up pores, they can be used to contour your highlight areas or just as face decoration , festival season is coming up, that means crystals and glitter for weeks to come, use them as your please, they are magical things, glow from the inside and out.
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