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Time after time we get stuck in a cycle of picking the same products over and over again, we like them and know they will work , but that is a bit boring, why not go for the best and mix it up a bit in the process, male grooming products can very adventurous and they are when it comes to Niche for men, the products are designed for the extreme lifestyle, commuting, sports, a fast paced life where you need convenient products and for them to keep you fresh, while being natural and free of harsh chemicals, Niche for Men hit about every no you can think of , they are free of artificial dyes and fragrances, free of petroleum, sulphates, phathalates, parabens and of course don’t test on animals, these multi washes do it all the right way, they start in 2012 with the dream of making high quality products for men that are cool and adventurous , and well they didn’t disappoint

A honed formula of Vitamins and essential oils helps deliver the perfect blend of function and performance, these washes are multi meaning you can shower, shampoo and shave, it the perfect all in one for men and the perfect size for any bag while on the go, containing aloe vera to help get right in close when shaving and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft , there are three different types, the earthy and natural out door scent of Embered Cedar , Citrus and lime that will freshen you up at all time and the tingly kick that is on the rocks peppermint , peppermint has a clean air feeling that clears out the dullness after a long day, just use these washes the same as you any other, but with the convenience of having an all in one, it will save you time and keep you feeling and looking fresh when you need it most

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