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Plastic Ocean

People seem to forget that together every little thing we do can make a difference, a difference to the way the city is run, the way the traffic flows a difference to the millions of lives that get forgot every day, we may not see them but they are there and without them the world wouldn’t be the same, we destroy their homes and lives through fishing , hunting and human waste products.

Scientists predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans then actual fish, the damage has been done already, but now is the time to act on it, recycle, don’t use plastic, reusable products are so widely available now, a glass bottle will last years and is a lot better for you, they stay clean and don’t release toxins, use recycled carrier bags or natural made ones instead of taking a new one every time you visit a store.

Slowly health and beauty products are coming into focus with recycled plastic products or wooden made ones, there are a lot of wooden and natural tooth brushes available on the market and now there is also recycled shave razors, made by preserve these triple blade razors have a ergonomic handle that has a easy to grip and navigates curves and contours , helping to give you a smooth shave, made for both men and women, the blades are titanium covered and removable meaning less plastic waste, the pack comes with one handle made from 100% recycled plastic and 2 blades, they are also compatible with persona acti flex and Gillette sensor blades and even after you feel you need a new handle, its recyclable , less land fill = more life.

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