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Shadow Puppet

They say good things come in sets of three, we totally agree, for here are 3 amazing pallets for your Lids, eye lids that is, eye shadow is a key part to your look, if you choose to wear it, it can create that soft lightened feel with pastel colours or go for a rock chick look with some dark reds and browns, but it’s not just what colour you use, but how you use it and what you use, the last in our Pacifica crystal series are these 3 crystal matrix mineral eye shadow pallets, coming in 3 shadow sets.

Pink nudes which is a pallet of pastel skin tones ranging from dark brown to a fair cream, desert princess which is a mix of doled tones, with including dark green, green and orange and the last is beachy punk which are a mix of deep tones including pink, yellow and brown, the eye shadows are long last and blend well with a silk texture that spreads well across the lid, the pallets are made with pressed powder and infused with coconut, leaving you with a velvet finish that not only leaves you looking good but feeling good too, dry eyes and crapping lids can really affect the way you, coconut is a great ingredient to add to any beauty product, after all it is as we now call it the superfood of the 21th century, it is used for everything, so why not in your eye shadow as well, Happy shadowing.

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