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Its amazing the amount of products we put on our faces now days, from toners to moisturisers, face masks and lotions, but one thing we seem to forget about and it being one of the most important about getting right is most definitely shaving lotion, soap or cream, a lot of us tend to forget that not only are you putting this on your face but your also relying on it to protect you and make sure you don’t cut your face off at the same time, okay maybe not cut your face off but we all have those moments.

So when it comes to the shave you need something that will clean and glide the razor while being kind to your skin, Gk natural creations little shaving set is a fragrant peppermint soap and brush set, made using shea butter and coconut oil, to of the great ingredients know in the health and beauty industry now, for there natural softening and healing, shea butter is great for softening and healing cracked and dry skin while coconut all just does it all and is used for pretty much everything if you haven’t used soap and brush before it’s a pretty simple step 1 ,2,3, and you’ve probably seen it in a movie before, simply wet the brush, swirl in the soap and then apply to the face in circle motions, it couldn’t be easier and there is always that something about doing it this way, the old fashion way, it makes you feel a bit more of gentlemen in ways, the feel of natural wood and brushed on soap, I think it’s something that runs in our veins that been pasted down to us from the elders, it’s not changed in years, the grams would be happy with this one as the soap lathers up really easy and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft thanks to the added oils which help condition your skin, the brush is made from sustainable hemu wood , which to us should be the only way

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