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The Eco Tan

From the other side of the world, the last thing you would expect them to need is fake tan, after all Australia is hot, sunny and has some of the most beautiful beaches and coast line in the world, but here it is, the world’s first organic and natural tan water and its seems to be growing and growing in popularity , specially after winning the gold pure beauty award last year, but the idea of a tan is something we all love, glowing skin, looking health and clean, as well as looking like we all just spent weeks away on some luxury island , or 5 mins on a sunbed down the high street, but the sun bed isn’t really the best of options and we all know that, the best options are always fake tans if done well , they work well and can be a lot safer for your skin, some can be very bad for you though and can damage skin and clog pores.

The Eco by Sonya Driver is a gradual face tanner which was created for oily and acne prone skin types, giving you sun kiss skin without the harmful chemicals and oils of many other tans out there, no post tan moisturiser is need due to the anti aging properties, it’s a little bottle of sunshine with no artificial colourants or dyes that is so simple to use, Simply add the water to a cotton pad and apply to clean dry skin, use as you wish, the reckoned amount is 2/3 times a week for a natural glow, use before bed or in the morning and make sure to wash your hands after.

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