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Clean Hands, Clean Heart

Clean hands before cooking? Clean hands in general?

It’s surprising how many of us forget such a simple thing, washing hands not only stops the spread on bacteria but saves lives, imagine going into the hospital to have an operation and your surgeon just finished his fried tofu salad, then with out washing his hands, dunks into your clean and balanced life support machine the body, it is very important for health.

There are masses of hand washes out there and masses of harmful chemicals in them, if you use hand wash , then looking after your hands is just as important as washing them, stick to natural and chemical free washes, this one from Green frog Botanical could not get anymore natural , its made from soapberries grown sustainably in the Himalayan mountains of the east, this berries are used in ayurvedic to treat eczema, soft, dry and sensitive skin types, leaving your hands clean and maintaining the Ph balance of your skin, the hand wash is free of nasty chemicals, parabens, palm oil and sulphates and uses a great mix of ingredients that will leave your hands feeling soft and nourished , the main ingredients include aloe vera which is a natural antioxidant and moisturizer combined with calming geranium oil and cooling peppermint oil, not only great for your hands but great for the environment to, all green frogs botanicals products are biodegradable , now that’s handy.

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