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 We all have those imperfections we don’t like, both guys and girls, there are varies things we dislike about ourselves , we can either change them our learn to live with them, sometimes we can hide them and other times we can’t , but the one place we seem to dislike them the most is our faces and that no wondering why, it is the one thing everyone will see, for a girl it’s not too hard to hide, make up does a pretty good job of hiding small imperfections and marks, but if you’re not much into make-up that most guys aren’t there is the simple and very effective concealer, yes guys it may look like make up , but once you use it , your understand how great they are at covering up that redness or dark circles and balancing out skin tones.

PHB Cream concealer stick comes in 4 shades and doesn’t just help conceal but also helps to heal imperfections whilst repairing and improving the appearance of your skin, made with healing organic Argan oil to moisturise skin  and help reduce the appearance of imperfections, rice bran oil helps to lighten skin and dark circles whilst soothing and renewing damaged or irritated areas, the stick is suitable for all skin styles and is even better for sensitive skin and acne, it is hard pressed stick so pressure needs to be applied, once you get going it goes on easy,  apply it direct to the area needed and blend in with either a brush or your finger,  be care with the stick when applying, you don’t want to twist the whole thing out then end up snapping it off.

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