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Lilikas Treats

Located at the greenwich market under the main canope sits this sweet stall Dedicated to perfecting the art of Macarons and cheesecakes, they have come along way up the tracks in 3 years, Lilika’s Treats was first established in 2014 in kent and has been serving up handmade sweet treats that aren’t just great but also have a Vegan range as well, bringing classic style macaron and avant-garde flavours to one of Londons most popular Markets, using only the freshest ingredients in 13 great flavours as well as additional ones made upon request, various festive occasions and seasonal one off picks they are free of artificial flavours and preservatives, what more could you want from a macaron, priced at 6 for £5 they are at a great price and have some great flavours available including lavender , if you haven’t tried lavender before , we would highly recommend it, it has a soft floral taste that is gives you the feeling of being France, other flavours include key lime,  rose which is another favourite and has a perfume sweet taste, the classic tiramisu  and cookies and cream, oh and how could we forget chocolate orange, got to love a bit of chocolate, these are just some of the flavours but the full flavour range is available on the Lilikas treats website.

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