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When on the go or travelling you want something that is not only great for cleaning and maintaining skin but something quick & simple to use and doesn’t take up your whole bag, for us gents we either have big bags or super small ones , we like to travel light and keep it simple.

This JOIK face foam is that perfect something to take with you on the go in your man bag, it’s a gentle and soft facial cleansing foam that combines aloe juice, watercress and cucumber extracts that gently clean your skin, can remove make-up and removes impurities, aloe juice helps to sooth and restore dry and damaged skin while the cucumber extract helps moisturizes and the watercress extract reduces redness and constricts pores helping to leave you skin tighter and stay looking fresh longer, the iron content also helps vitality and radiance, which is something we all need when on the go, travelling can dull and leave skin looking tired, its easy and simple to use, just apply to damp skin and gently massage in, rinse with warm water , it can be used morning and evening to leave you ready to go or ready to rest.

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