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The Peel mask, it’s a scary word to some, those acids could melt your face off!
But on a serious note, using the right one is very important, you don’t want to go spend a ton of money on one to then realise it doesn’t work well with your skin, that’s the great thing about sample sizes and testers, your find most brands have them now days, here we try out The Peel Mask from Madara, we have used Madara and wrote about Madara’s toners before which where brilliant and they work very well together, this one came to use in a beauty box from LoveLula, it’s a great way of trying new products out

The mask is active AHA which gives instant radiance to your skin using a high dose of active acids, fruit acids and vitamin C, blended with lactic acid and elderflower to  hydrate and sooth the skin these work together to effectively exfoliate the skin , leaving it bright and radiant.

Peel masks are a great way of clearing the skin and this one is great to use for those with dull, tired looking skin and clogged pores, the mask  removes dead cell to uncover the smoother more radiant skin surface , exfoliates skin to help regenerate and bright and it also gives a deep cleanse which unclogs pores, giving you the three key things you need from a mask. This is something you want use at most once a week, peel masks are great for refreshing your skin but if don’t give it enough time to regenerate new cells, you can damage your skin, follow the instructions for each mask as they all work differently.

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