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Exfoliating isn’t something that first pops in to your mind when you think of a man’s beauty routine and yet there it is, it is becoming more and more of a normal thing and for good reason, exfoliating not only clears away all those dead skin cells but, helps regenerate new skin, and leaves it soft and clean, now that’s a standard thing you may think, but you would be surprised to find that this isn’t normal, men’s skin gets the shave , splash and moisture treat on repeat , well this exfoliator from PHB is designed for men, made with Lemongrass and Eucalyptus to help reveal clear and healthier skin while leaving skin soft, the invigorating treat clears out them pores and regulates oil levels.

Made using jojoba berries that lift away dead skin cells to reveal brighter fresher skin underneath while leaving your skin soft and smooth with no irritation , the lemongrass works to tighten and firm your skin while the eucalyptus a strong natural antibacterial herb keeps your skin clear and blemish free, using all natural ingredient that aren’t only great for your skin but great for the planet to, the exfoliating beads are natural unlike so many products that fill the oceans with toxic chemicals and plastics, the exfoliator is free of parabens, artificial fragrance, colours and petrochemicals, no one wants all those nasties on their skin.

For the best result for your skin, its recommended twice weekly, simply just massage in a circular motion using your fingers until all areas are covered, you can rinse it off or leave it on for a couple of minutes for that extra treatment, that is it gents, your feel fresh and renewed , get exfoliating!

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